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the police;
a police officer
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Collocates yo7 hoe5 corner4 ride4 roll4 blast3 block3 G3 hydro3 I'mma3 -iz-3 bitch2 glock2 homie2 it's on2 po-po2 sweat2 trip2 nuff -ass 12 45 ⋅ AK ⋅ all about ⋅ base ⋅ beat beef bing bitch bitch blast ⋅ blow ⋅ buck ⋅ buck ⋅ chill coke ⋅ crack creep ⋅ deep ⋅ dip ⋅ dog dope dope-fiend ⋅ dough e elbow flow fly 44 ⋅ for real freak ⋅ fresh fuck with gaffle game ghost hate on ⋅ hater hip-hop holla at ⋅ homeboy hood ill ⋅ ill ⋅ in effect ⋅ jack ⋅ jacker ⋅ jock ⋅ kilo ⋅ knock ⋅ knock ⋅ lamp yay mob ⋅ murk 9 on the low one-time pack pop ⋅ project ride ⋅ sheisty shook ⋅ slang slide ⋅ sling ⋅ slug snitch ⋅ spark ⋅ square ⋅ step ⋅ straight straight up TEC-9 throw up ⋅ toast tryna weed what's up whip yo
Domains Law enforcement
Etymology from the television show Hawaii Five-O, so-called after Hawaii being the 50th state admitted to the USA
Shout-outs ATF DEA Ganksta N-I-P JT The Bigga Figga Larry Davis Nas N.W.A. Point Blank
Synonyms chota elroy one-time po-po squally

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