40 ounce

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a 40 ounce bottle of malt liquor or beer
Categories Numbers, Quantities
Collocates act a fool2, corner2, head2, nickel bag2, O.E.2, Olde E2, Phillie2, St. Ides2, weed2, bitch, bounce, buck-wild, buddha, cap, club, cop, crack, digits, fly, front, ghetto, G, hay, hoe, ill, kick it, kush, l, loc, loosie, la, mack, old school, on the cut, peep out, puff, sucker duck, thai, trip, what's up, yo, zig-zag, double O.G., blunt
Domains Alcohol
Synonyms 40, 40 dog
Related concepts 64, Crooked I, pop, ST, St. Ides
Rhymes bounce3

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